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    How to change graphics settings
    How to change change resolution, display driver, memory usage
About UT Tweak

Thank you for using UT Tweak.  I have made UT Tweak, because we at RUM got sick of changing settings in Unreal Tournament. So i have developed this programs which is able to change settings without using Unreal Tournament.
UT Tweak is an easy to use tweaking program which is able to change many settings such as resolution, colour depth, memory usage etc..

As mentioned in the introduction UT Tweak is able change many settings for UT without having to startup the game.

What's new?
In this first version UT Tweak is fully compatible with the standard UT game and current update-patches (4.20, 4.25, 4.28).
I have tested UT Tweak in Win98(SE). I have not been able test UT Tweak in WinME or Win2000, so i recommend using UT Tweak only in Win98(SE).


User interface

Main interface, gives you an overall image of the current UT setting .
It allows you to see the changes which you have made, see the listboxes on the right. Furthermore UT Tweak will automatically detect the amount of memory your system has and will suggest to use a portion of this. 
Graphics  -  Slow system: predefined graphics tweak settings for PC 
                      slower than pentium 2.
                   - Fast system: Same as above but for faster PC.
                   - User defined: Enable's you to change graphics options 
                      yourself. See user grapics option.
Memory Usage - Enable u to set a specific amount of memory for 
                               UT to use when playing.
Display driver -Allows u to change the display drivers and resolution
Statusbar - Displays  Current resolution, total system memory and 
                    memory usage for UT.
Listboxes - Displays the graphics settings of UT.
Done button - Updates memory,  display and resolution settings for 

User graphics options, is an interface which allows u to change graphics settings Individually for UT. You can save and load different settings, before applying them to UT. 
Edit - Toggle's the edit mode, so that the listboxes on the left are 
          enabled, by clicking on the right  listbox you will edit the 
          selected item.
Save - The save option will be toggled after you have clicked the edit 
             button. This option allows you to save the graphics settings to 
             a file, from which you can load them. 
Load settings -  The load button will be enabled if you have any 
                            settings saved. Click load settings to load previosly 
                            stored settings.
Update - The update button updates the graphics settings (shown in 
                the list boxes)  for UT. 
StatusBar - Display how many settings u have saved. 

1) Saving settings only stores the settings shown in the listbox, SO it will not update UT with these settings. Press update to do that.


Using UT Tweak
Starting  UT Tweak
    UT Tweak is defided in three main parts, the Display drivers and resolution, the memory usage and finally the graphics setting. When UT
    Tweak  startups, the followimg information will be available.
    As mentioned above detect the amount of system memory, this will be displayed in the center of the status bar. A portion of your system
    memory  will be suggested for usage for UT, See main interface in frame Memory.The current UT memory usage is displayed in  the
    statusbar on the right side.On the left side the resolution and in the listboxes the current UT graphics settings.

Graphics settings
    Unreal tournament has a lot of graphics settings like, dynamic lighting, slow video buffering, coronas , etc... which cannot be changed in the
    standard UT interface, you can change them in the advanced interface, but that takes too long to do.

    In the frame graphics settings (main interface) there are three options, 1)  Slow system
                                                                                                                             2)  Fast system
                                                                                                                             3) User defined
    Slow / Fast systems
    Slow system en Fast system are predefined graphics settings for UT, like colour depth , Dynamic light and more...
    By selecting one of these two changes will be made immediatly to UT

    User defined
    By selecting user defined you will be abble to make changes yourself.

Memory Settings
    Unreal tournament originaly usage 4 Mb for playing. By enlarging this u will be able to have a more smooth gameplay.
    As mentioned throughout this help file, UT Tweak will detect and suggest a amount of memory usage at startup.Changes will not be made
    immediatly, too make these changes we reffer u to How to change memory settings.

Display and resolution
    In the last frame you can change the display drivers and resolution, the following drivers and resolution option i have defined.

Display Resolution 
Direct 3D 600 x 400
OpenGl rendering 600 x 480
Software rendering 800 x 600
Glide rendering 1024 x 768
1152 x 864
1280 x 1024
1600 x 1200

    I do advise users to see what kind of  drivers your graphics card  support, since i do not have an internal fail safe check for this.Further more i
    do not check if your monitor can handle the resolutions. SO BE CAREFULL.


How to ..
How to change graphics settings

    1) Select one of three options (graphics frame)

    2) If you selected Slow / Fast system your done !, else continue to point three.

    3) (User defined), click on edit,  the listbox (second one on the right) will be enabled.
        - Click on the item(s) which you want to edit  in listbox,
        - (Optional) Click on Save to save the settings to a default file. NO changes will be made to UT.
        - Press on the update button to update changes to UT.

How to change change resolution, display driver, memory usage

    1)  Fill the memory usage amount (see memory frame "Textbox")
    2) Select display and resolution.
    3) Click on Done button


About UT Tweak

    We are not responsible for any kind of  damage done to your pc and it's surroundings by this porgram.
    Use this program at your own responsiblity!!
    All logos or trademarks used, are property of their respective owners.

    UT Tweak is a production of the RUM clan. It is written in visual basic 6.0 and is freeware to all.
    My special thanks to all who helped in devellopment of this program namely:
    - [RUM]Bacardi for helping with the help file
    - [RUM]Dimpelwimpel for programming advise
    - and to all who i haven't mentioned.

    For any suggestions or bugreports, send an email to
    Please visit our website for new versions at: